The AirLab Air Purifier units have been designed for use in clean rooms, laboratories, hospitals or other applications where critical control of room air movement is necessary.

The AirLab Purifiers are also suitable for less critical application such as offices, public areas and animal rooms where a flow pattern may be required to minimise / scrub the air of infections viruses and bacteria.

The units will continuously recirculate the ambient room air through a 2 stage filtration system using a G4 Primary filter and H14 Hepa filter giving you a clean airflow pattern that will guarantee 99% of particles are filtered out offering your space continuous cleansing and cycling of the air within an enclosed area.

The AirLab Air Purifier units are plug-and-play units suitable for installations in any room. The mobile option eliminates any installation costs, as the unit does not require ducting and runs off a regular 230V wall socket.

The option of self standing or ceiling mounted is available on your request.
  • High volumetric flow rate
  • 2 Stage filtration system
  • Robost & quiet operation
  • Easy installation (Plug and Play)
  • Black coated mild steel construction
  • Custom filter configurations available

3 Floor standing APF models available

APF 4000
APF 600
APF 350