Cleanrooms, by definition, are designed to control airborne particulate and environmental conditions.

Cleanrooms can be positive or negative pressure environments that sweep a specified area with HEPA filtered air.

Cleanrooms and Hospital Operating Theatres require adherence to exacting performance requirements.

BMS Validations testing verifies that your facilities perform to appropriate international standards.


Trained expert service staff using the latest internationally calibrated equipment ensure the best service available.

Included with all testing is complete documentation of the test results and certification of the rooms and devices tested detailing test procedures, test results, and comprehensive conclusions.


All cleanroom testing is performed in accordance and compliant with Current Good Manufacturing Practices [cGMP], and International Organization for Standardization [ISO].

Particle Counts Limit per Cubic MeterIso 14644-1 Classification of air cleanliness
Iso 14644-2 Specifications for testing and monitoring to prove continued compliance with Iso 14644-1
Iso 14644-3 Test Methods
Iso 14644-4 Design, construction and start-up
Iso 14644-5 Operations


Testing and related services offered

  1. Airflow volume / velocity readings - assures that both unidirectional/Laminar and turbulent areas are properly balanced
  2. Room air exchange/Change rates - Measurement of Air Changes per hour
  3. HEPA filter integrity testing - tests HEPA filters and Installation for leaks also know as DOP testing
  4. Non-viable particle counting - reports the amount of airborne particulate of a specified size in the clean zone
  5. Air Flow Visualization -Confirms the directional flow and cascade of air meets with design parameters
  6. Particle Recovery Testing - Recovery Rate
  7. Compressed air and nitrogen particle counting - Reports the amount of airborne particulate of a specified size in the air lines
  8. Verification / Calibration of Magnehelic Pressure Gauge Readings
  9. Air balancing - as per design criteria and client requirements
  10. Clean Room Maintenance Services
  11. Air Filter Maintenance Services
  12. Hepa Filter Replacement Services
  13. Cleanroom and Laboratory Fumigation and Decontamination Services
  14. Lighting, and sound tests – To assure working environment
  15. Pressure diffirential measurements
  16. Cleaning Services
  17. Sampling Booth Testing
  18. Dispensing Booth Testing
  19. Air Showers Testing